An Ethical Consideration

Nov 1, 2023

A professor keeps a student after class. “We need to talk. I’m afraid you’re failing ethics.”

The student frowned, then pulled out a wad of cash from a pocket. The student counted out fifty dollars and slid the bills toward the professor with a confident smile. “How about now, Professor?”


Variations of this joke can be found everywhere on the internet. Although it’s worth a grin, the sad part is that ethics isn’t given the consideration that it is due.

The idea of ethics needs to be present in every case and every aspect of the investigation. Even before accepting a case, the professional investigator needs to consider the ethical aspects of taking on a case for a client. Is there a legal need for this investigation? Is there a conflict of interest? Does the investigator have an understanding of what needs to be done for the case, and do they have the equipment necessary to do what is required? Do they understand the current laws, the impacts and restrictions placed upon the investigation, and how to best serve their client?

Ethics must be constantly considered from the very start of the case to the finish.

At Dedicated Investigations, ethics are a part of our framework, and we stay well-informed about changes in the laws to best serve our clients.