Our Company

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to increase the prospect of prevailing for our clients.

Our Mission:

At Dedicated Investigations, our mission is to assist civil attorneys in achieving better verdicts and settlements, and corporations in protecting their assets and mitigating their risks through interviews, comprehensive research, and analysis. We do this through fact-finding in a legally credible manner. Our work is prepared in anticipation of litigation and reinforced by documentation intended to withstand court scrutiny. We value teamwork to reach a favorable outcome for our clients.

Our Values:

At Dedicated Investigations, we deliver a superior work product to our clients. Our professionalism, competence, integrity, objectivity, and moderation ensure we provide concise and comprehensive documentation to help our clients prevail. We maintain confidentiality and fiercely defend our client’s interests and trust.

  • Integrity: Our service is bound through our commitment to our clients. Our fact-finding missions will withstand scrutiny. With integrity as a core value, we maintain honest and ethical conduct as our clients’ agents. We operate in the light, not the gray areas of the law.

  • Objectivity: Fact-finding can be tainted if details are gathered through the prism of a subjective bias. The value of being objective means we are not swayed by the potential outcome but instead bring all data to our clients, good or bad, to provide the complete picture. Our objectivity helps our clients from being blindsided by skewed and unexpected elements that surface.

  • Competence: We bring over a decade of experience in interviews, research, and analysis. We strive to see the big picture and the minutia and work diligently to better our client’s position.

  • Confidentiality: Discretion is our watchword. We understand that privacy is always necessary and will fiercely defend our client’s interests and trust.

  • Moderation: As experienced professionals, we recognize that there can be endless volumes of data, making it easy to exceed the required work. Our experience guides us to isolate and focus on those aspects necessary for the situation without inflating the work beyond what is needed. We will confer with our clients regularly to ensure our client’s needs are met.

  • Professionalism: Our engagement is a reflection of our client, which demands a commensurate demeanor. Comportment is part and parcel of a business partnership and warrants confidence in our agreement. We will respond quickly, provide updates, and offer suggestions to best serve our client’s interests.

When you need a comprehensive civil or corporate investigation, call Dedicated Investigations at 720-305-6610 or email us.