Our Founder:

Leveraging the hard-earned knowledge from two decades of conducting investigations and service in the U.S. Air Force, our founder, Tan Smyth, understands that the supporting role is critical to the overall success of investigations. She has spent most of her investigative career working in Colorado. Attention to detail and a dedicated focus serves both corporate and civil clients, supplying a solid foundation for successful investigations. Her objective is to assist in creating effective outcomes for the clients of Dedicated Investigations. 

As an independent business, Dedicated Investigations allows for greater flexibility and support to civil attorneys, providing better verdicts and settlements in legal settings. Her objective investigations also contribute to mitigating risk and protecting a corporation’s assets.  

Giving Back: 

Tan has always believed in giving back to her profession and the public. She enjoys serving and sharing her experience, resulting in a positive impact on her community. 

In the USAF, she gave back to the local neighborhoods by helping with hurricane cleanup and volunteering at soup kitchens and orphanages. She was a member of the drill team and spent extra effort ensuring the technical manuals were organized and up to date, as well as providing additional training for new members of her shop. Tan held a TS-SCI security clearance. 

In her investigative community, she served on the Board of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) for over ten years in the role of Vice President of Training. In that position, she was responsible for the continuing education of private investigators in Colorado and acting as a direct mentor to new investigators. She and the Past President of the PPIAC established the groundwork and core curriculum for the Colorado Investigative Development Institute (known as CIDI), providing an introduction to the field of investigations for beginning investigators and continuing education for more seasoned professionals to help ensure investigators have the tools needed to serve the community best. Because of the educational opportunities this training program provides, the investigators in Colorado (and beyond) have the tools and a greater understanding of how they can help their clients. 

When you need a comprehensive civil or corporate investigation, call Dedicated Investigations at 720-305-6610 or email us.