Protection of Assets and Mitigation of Risks

All our corporate investigative services are prepared in anticipation of litigation and can withstand the scrutiny of the court.

Administrative Interviews for Corporate Misconduct

Interviews are among the most powerful and underused tools to uncover corporate misconduct. Interviews can reveal information that employers, managers, or directors cannot establish otherwise. Working with management, our interviewing process assists in discovering possible cases of theft, harassment, illegal drug use, and other employee misconduct.


  • Impartial, objective interviews
  • Likely to uncover new evidence of employee misconduct
  • Possibility of curtailing loss of business resources

Due Diligence Services:

Asset Checks

Asset checks are conducted to determine an entity’s resources before embarking on investments, litigation, or mergers.


  • Reduce costly litigation if assets prove insufficient
  • Identify potential tangible assets (vehicles, boats, and real property) or intangible assets (Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Patents)
  • Establish the existence of red flags (shell companies, sudden unloading of assets)


Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open-source Intelligence is a powerful tool for information-gathering. OSINT combines publicly-available data with analysis to develop a detailed representation of the subject. Far more than just a “social media check,” OSINT collects a vast amount of data from all manner of documents and repositories: civil, criminal, and federal records; news articles, reviews, white papers, curriculum vitae, social media profiles, and images. All information collected is then analyzed for commonalities and differences, patterns, and warning signs. Open-source investigations provide a unique, in-depth examination of an entity. This often-overlooked service can prevent expensive mistakes, such as merging with a corporation where there has been public misconduct.


  • Provides insight into the public optics of an entity
  • Reveals past and present news stories, as well as future plans that may not have been revealed to a potential investor
  • Highlights hypothetical issues before an investment or merger


Corporate Backgrounds

Corporate Backgrounds offer valuable insight into entities. Our background investigations are fully comprehensive. Such investigations focus on specific events and factors determined at the onset of the engagement: potential mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships benefit from knowing both the good and the ugly sides of an entity. Examples of information include litigations, judgments, bankruptcies, misconduct, SEC sanctions, expansion plans, hiring/firing freezes, and the acquisition of assets; all crucial information for future partners to know before resources are invested.


  • Valuable insight
  • Focused parameters identified
  • Reports are comprehensive and backed by unaltered data


Executive Profiles

Executive profiles are a deep background into the persona of entity executives. Often combined with Due Diligence or Corporate Backgrounds for a more complete profile of both entity and officers, Executive Profiles provide a deep dive into an executive’s (or potential executive) background: including searches for civil, criminal, or federal lawsuits, misconduct, accolades, debt, philanthropy, entities, assets, donations, hobbies, and more. Executive profiles are conducted with consent from the subject and used when considering a high-profile position or being considered as part of a merger or acquisition. Please note that Executive Profiles are NOT the same as pre-employment background checks and are not Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant.


  • Help to distinguish meritorious individuals
  • Help to prevent costly oversights
  • Provides verification through documentation


Analysis is the method that draws connections between data. Often overlooked in investigations, analysis helps highlight correlations or differences, patterns, or randomness. It helps highlight data points that might otherwise be lost in a sea of information. The finer points are easily lost with the amount of information that may be discovered on an individual, entity, or subject. Our analysis is a systematic method of organizing and considering data, reporting on the nuances, pointing out discrepancies, and documenting the findings with supporting evidence.


  • Effective, focused data research and analytics
  • Emphasizes correlations or differences, patterns, or randomness of the subject
  • Documentation is arranged in a comprehensive report

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