Civil Attorneys

Better Verdicts and Settlements

All our civil litigation investigations are conducted and prepared in anticipation of litigation and can withstand the scrutiny of the court.

Witness Interviews & Statements

We are experts at locating and interviewing witnesses for your case. Our witness interviews are conducted to gather intelligence in anticipation of litigation and can deliver tremendous amounts of data and potential leads in your case. They give you a unique perspective and accurate impression of the witness, a narrative of the events in the witness’ own words. Interviews provide an unforgettable impression and perspective, offering an otherwise absent view. Witness interviews can often help make or break a case but are often overlooked. We conduct interviews ethically and impartially, significantly benefiting your legal action.  


  • Impartial, objective interviews and statements conducted
  • Advanced knowledge of what a witness will say
  • Ability to determine liability before the litigation process


Asset Checks

Asset checks are conducted to determine personal and business assets before litigation. Our experience allows us to identify assets.


  • Reduce costly litigation if assets prove insufficient
  • Identify potential assets (vehicles, boats, and real property)
  • Establish the existence of business entities


Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open-source Intelligence is a powerful tool for information-gathering. OSINT combines publicly-available data with analysis to develop a detailed representation of the subject. Far more than just a “social media check,” OSINT can collect a vast amount of data from all manner of documents and repositories: civil, criminal, and federal records; news articles, reviews, white papers, curriculum vitae, social media profiles, and images are collected and analyzed for commonalities and differences, patterns and warning signs. Open-source investigations provide a unique, in-depth examination of a subject.


  • Presents insight into a subject
  • All gathered records on the subject are captured with date, time, and hashtag to prove the data is unaltered
  • The analysis demonstrates commonalities, differences, patterns, and warning signs of the subject



Backgrounds offer valuable insight into defendants, litigants, potential experts, and witnesses. Our background investigations are fully comprehensive. The difference between a background investigation and an open-source intelligence investigation is that of focus: backgrounds focus on specific factors determined at the onset of the case, while Open-Source Intelligence acts like an open net, capturing as much information as possible within certain conditions: timeframes, events, or influencing factors.


  • Valuable insight
  • Focused parameters identified
  • Understanding at the beginning of the case



Analysis is the method that draws connections between data. Often overlooked in investigations, analysis helps highlight correlations or differences, patterns, or randomness. It helps highlight data points that might otherwise be lost in a sea of information. The finer points are easily lost with the amount of information that may be discovered on an individual, entity, or subject. Our analysis is a systematic method of organizing and considering data, reporting on the nuances, pointing out discrepancies, and documenting the findings with supporting evidence.


  • Effective, focused data research and analytics
  • Emphasizes correlations or differences, patterns, or randomness of the subject
  • Documentation is arranged in a comprehensive report to assist you in finding information easily

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